Helbling Technik

Helbling Technik

Innovation, together we do it

Innovation – a Question of Teamwork, Methodology and Systematology

Worldwide demand for innovation services remains high and brought Helbling Technik another very successful year in 2017. When we speak of success, we are not just referring to the marked increase in sales, revenues and headcount. We are thinking primarily of the successes our clients achieved with numerous innovative product launches, to which we contributed decisively with our innovation and engineering services. Now more than ever, the projects and products realized in the marketplace are our greatest motivator, inspiring us to be a valuable innovation and development partner for our clients.

The challenges are enormous and becoming bigger by the day. The competition for innovative products cannot be won with cheaper engineering resources – on the contrary. The advent of new technologies is making product innovations increasingly complex so that they can only be realized in ever-shorter times by top-line professionals working in multidisciplinary teams. The mix of skills and the technology expertise they bring to the table are game-changing parameters for these innovation teams. Even the best educated engineers excel themselves when working in a strong team. Once these essentials are in place, what it then needs is stamina and determination and the ability to exact and to foster efficiency in the development team.

The current debate is dominated by new development and project management methods and we too are dealing with these intensively. One example is design thinking with an agile project management in the early stages of a project and the use of such methods in projects where they yield great advantages. This is especially true of software development where the customer is in agreement. Agility and a value centered approach have become key factors in the early innovation stages. Nevertheless, our methods, which are based on broad and deep experience, are probably somewhat different from those applied by many new competitors in the market. Human Centered Thinking is undisputedly a creative and valuable method of finding new solutions. Once these have been identified, however, it is only possible to save time and costs when faced with technological challenges in the development process through the use of good planning and analytical thinking. We see similar challenges in the application of agile project management methods. Agile, self-organizing teams are more efficient than micro-managed individuals.

Although this finding is not new, work must be planned well in agile processes and the responsibility towards the other teams must be clearly defined in the interfaces. How teams work together with clients, manufacturers, suppliers or institutions must be well organized at all times. Our clients rightly demand that we as professional and often longstanding partners announce the projected results, costs and deadlines at an early or at least reasonably early stage. By their nature, innovation projects involve a high level of entrepreneurial risk, but in 2017 we were able yet again to ignite the enthusiasm of many clients for our approach. Our relationships with over 80% of our clients are characterized by trust and endure for many years.

Helbling Technik has consciously chosen a decentralized organization with its 37 development teams, each with its own defined specialized services in eight different locations in Switzerland, Germany, USA and China, the latest addition being a new location in San Diego, USA.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine «Majesto»

Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine «Majesto»

Your Partner for Innovation and Product Development through Cooperation

Specialist Areas

  • Product Innovation
  • Mechanics and Construction
  • Electronics, Firmware
  • Software and IT
  • Usability
  • Data Analytics, Internet of Things
  • Microtechnology and Microsystems Technology / MEMS
  • Optics
  • Physics, Thermodynamics, Fluidics, Acoustics
  • Modelling, Calculation and Simulation
  • Measurement Technology and Sensors
  • Signal and Image Processing, Algorithmics
  • Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics
  • Plastics Technology
  • Material Science
  • EcoDesign


  • Home and Office Appliances, Consumer Goods
  • Medical Technology
  • Diagnostics and Lab Systems
  • Automation and Mechanical Engineering
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Energy and Smart Infrastructure
  • Service Industry and Public Sector
  • Clean Tech
  • Instruments and Tools

Innovation Management

  • Innovation Pre-Projects
  • Product and Cost Management

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