Helbling Technik – Boston and San Diego

Innovation Centers for the Medical and Biotechnology Industry

The dynamic nature of the healthcare industry demands innovation partners that link the past to the future. Helbling’s Boston and San Diego teams made that link for many start-ups and established firms in the Medical Device, Robotics, Diagnostics, Lab Automation, Pharma and Biotech fields by combining creativity, unique technical skills and user focus.

The drive to better patient outcomes creates new opportunities in many areas including safely connected Medical Devices with the potential for data aggregation and analysis, and Robotic Surgery systems that expand the range of accessible and affordable procedures.

We have been actively working in these markets for several years and plan to continue investing in services that help our clients develop products with a positive impact on people’s lives. In short, we deliver creativity that works.

Ultra kompakter, Zwei-Kammer-Autoinjector

Electronics development for smart medical device

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