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Innovation Center Transportation, Power Generation & Simulation

We are the development partner for our clients when it comes to realizing individual, secure and connected mobility for humans and goods. These include rolling stock, amusement rides, cable cars, subsystems and the infrastructure. The transport of persons requires that high standards of safety, comfort and information be met. With our systematic approach and familiarity with international standards we create added value for our clients through efficiency and routine in the development of vehicle structures, interior furnishings and the integration of electronic components in transport systems. The wear and tear on systems for the transport of people is increasing – the answer to this lies in the measurement, recording and evaluation of physical strain on the components as well as the parallel analysis of these strains.

We are practised in the various process steps in the development of digital twins and thus help our clients to master the challenges of heavy wear and tear on materials and infrastructure.

Rock fall simulations allow for optimal dimensioning of Geobruggs's rock fall barrier system RXE

Rock fall simulations allow for optimal dimensioning of Geobruggs’s rock fall barrier system RXE

Innovation Center Software Engineering & IT

Digital transformation is essentially driven by software: whether what is envisaged is a connected system of devices, machines and mobile applications or the digitalization of entire process chains – from sensor data to intelligent decision aids. The core competency of the Innovation Center Software Engineering & IT is the development of customized, secure and easy-to-use solutions. As a member of Swiss Made Software we develop our software exclusively in Switzerland. In this way our customers profit from the innovative talent as well as the high quality of our software engineers.

Last year we continued to expand our capabilities in machine learning, data analytics and statistics in order to be able to extract valuable knowledge from large amounts of data. Thanks to our agile development methodology we can integrate our clients even better into the development process, while at the same time reducing project risk and ensuring that parts of the product are delivered continuously in regular cycles. As a reliable partner we accompany our clients on their journey to digital transformation.

Faster development times with augumented reality and digital twins

Faster development times with augumented reality and digital twins

Configurable, personalized E-Bike products

Configurable, personalized E-Bike products

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