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Dear Readers

In their reporting the media tend to focus on things that go wrong. Catastrophic events like a plane crash figure right on the front page of the newspapers, whereas good news, such as the fact that 2017 was the safest year in the history of civil aviation, hardly receives a mention. Given the logic of today’s media coverage, we are more than happy that Helbling does not make the headlines. Just like that of aviation specialists, our work outside the focus of the media helps innovative products and solutions to function well – in the medtech field as well as the automotive or consumer goods industries, to name just three examples.

The review of our business year in 2017 is worth a low-key headline, however, because what we achieved is due to you, our clients, our collaboration partners and our employees: 2017 was yet another successful year for the Helbling Group and we are quite frankly proud of that. What motivates us, however, is not the vision of a record performance, but your trust in us and the prospect of tackling major entrepreneurial challenges together with you.

Foremost among these challenges is digital transformation, which is changing the world as we have known it to date step by step, leaving no industry untouched. It is essential for us as your partner to help you shape this process of change proactively and with a clear goal in mind. To do this requires not just know-how and methodological competence, but also creativity and intuition, not just flexibility and agility but also dedication and stamina. All these qualities and capabilities come to fruition most effectively in relationships that are based on trust. The reason for this is obvious: innovations today are always the product of teamwork. Why? Because even in the age of digital interfaces it is the human interface that remains the decisive factor for future success.

Valuable through Innovation – to secure this aim in what is the 55th year since our foundation we will continue to raise the benchmark in everything we do, further optimizing our services and directing our efforts towards anticipating your needs even more accurately. Now and in the future, we are not aiming to make the headlines, but more than ever to enable your success.

We hope you will continue to share this journey with us.

Sincerely yours

Helbling - Dr. Christian Péclat

Dr. Christian Péclat
Chairmen of the Board

Helbling - Marcel Fäh

Marcel Fäh
Member of the Board

Valuable through Innovation